Skyrim in LEGO

Just how high are those mountains? How do they compare to the surrounding mountains? How far apart are these towns? Yes, I’ve seen the map, but what if I wanted to see Skyrim more … 3 dimensionally?

Therefore, legos.

Gorahk gro-Ushnar

Gorahk introduced me to Skyrim for the first time. Your typical Orc, learned in the ways of heavy armor, war hammers, and smithing, he came to the north looking for a family, a home, a connection to his people.

He joined the Companions to apprentice as a smith, but instead fell under the charms of a Huntress, and took the dark gift of Lycanthropy. He slowly lost himself between feral carnivorous carnage and howling at the moon. It was only after a debaucherous interaction with Sanguine that he was able to leave the Companions Circle behind him and start anew in the Reach.

As Blood-Kin, the Orc strongholds took him in and taught him of the Orcish traditions and culture. He fought off sabre cats, worked orichalcum into armor, wielded the might of Volendrung, and found a mate in the arms of a great warrior. He and Borgakh had a daughter they named Bagrak, after her grandmother. He had finally found the peace he came to Skyrim looking for.

And then she returned. He knew her scent even before he stepped out of the longhouse. Perched atop a cliff, silhouetted by the full moon, the Huntress beckoned her mate. That morning, Bagrak found her father’s footprints leading out of the stronghold; the impression of a mer’s foot slowly transforming into the jagged gait of a wolf.


Bagrak, daughter of Gorahk gro-Ushnar, escaped the oppressive rule of a rival stronghold after her father fled. She learned the ways of the bow, grew strong in the years to come, and when the time was right, she took back her home. These watercolors represent the first few days of her journey, after having fled her stronghold.

I planned to draw a picture for every day she spent in Skyrim, training under various masters, hunting her werewolf-turned-father, using his hide as armor, and eventually her guerrilla assault on Dushnikh Yal. Her story climaxes with a dramatic chase, where the dictator, Shel, escaped to the ancient tower of Reachwind Eyrie, only to be overtaken by fear, stumbling backwards off the balcony to her death. Bagrak brought peace back to strongholds, and spends the rest of her days hunting.

When you play Skyrim for awhile ..

Anybody who’s hit the Skyrim endgame knows of the filled bookshelves, piles of jewels, and multiple characters. In solidarity, here’s to time (well?) spent.