Bagrak, daughter of Gorahk gro-Ushnar, escaped the oppressive rule of a rival stronghold after her father fled. She learned the ways of the bow, grew strong in the years to come, and when the time was right, she took back her home. These watercolors represent the first few days of her journey, after having fled her stronghold.

I planned to draw a picture for every day she spent in Skyrim, training under various masters, hunting her werewolf-turned-father, using his hide as armor, and eventually her guerrilla assault on Dushnikh Yal. Her story climaxes with a dramatic chase, where the dictator, Shel, escaped to the ancient tower of Reachwind Eyrie, only to be overtaken by fear, stumbling backwards off the balcony to her death. Bagrak brought peace back to strongholds, and spends the rest of her days hunting.