Minecraft Endgame

I started Minecraft on an Xbox360, I don’t know how many years ago. While I was playing, I was interested to see what my impact would be on the world, the whole time plying Peaceful Survivor mode. In a game where you can literally move mountains, what would I do to make this map my own? So I played the same map for years and years. I missed out on some fun updates, but seeing the toll my building took on the world, that’s an interesting experience.

Minecraft Tutorial level

I thought I lost this! Thank goodness I didn’t because I spent some time building that Mayan Pyramid. Fair enough, I used Creative Mode.

Also, one of my first Minecraft structures was building a little house inside a floating mountain.

Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks always make a great game you can really sink your teeth into. Once they added the possibility of crafting your own hideout, well that’s just asking for trouble. In a world plagued by radioactive monstrosities, you need proper protection. I give you…

(formally known as the igloo)

To see a short walkthrough, check out the Twitter link below.

Animal Crossing

Welcome to Honeydew! To visit, use the Dream Address 5D00-0012-30ED

The Sims

It was the year 2000. The y2k bug hadn’t devastated the world as we had once thought. Sega was still a thing. Computer games were all the rage, and some people wanted nothing more than to settle down into a simple, simulated life. I was one of those people. But what about those fancy jobs? What paid the most? What required the most skills? What gave you cool outfits and carpools? I had to know. And this was before the day and age of a SimWiki, so in order to find this out for myself, I just had to experiment and go through countless job lines. What fun to be a kid with time.

If you’re interested in my Sims version of Croft Manor, check it out HERE!

Payday 2

This game could get aggravating. I’d get teamed up with some lunatic who goes in guns blazing, while I’m whispering in through locked doors like aghost. Blown covers after the 7th try, I’m putting this game away for a month.

That being said, before I had played a dozen or so rounds, there was a heart pounding excitement to this game. Sweat dripping patience as the drill slowly ground it’s way into a vault. The pedestrian, tied up in the corner. Every second, inching by … and then the alarm pops, the music crescendos, you gotta bag up your loot and make it to the van before they come… Because it’s about to go down hard.


The Universe's Timeline

I’m a visual person. I see time as a shape. How close were events in history? Gimme a ruler. But with the bulk of human history happening in the last few thousand years (out of 13,700,000,000), how do you represent that timetable accurately? With the power on 10!
Note: This was made in 2016. Jono and Audrey are nerdy friends who dug this idea.