Croft Manor Comparisons

You know what would be fun? Some direct, screenshot-for-screenshot comparisons. Minecraft gets the award for most accurate, but the Sims are just nicer to look at.

Minecraft Manor 2.0

As an excitable Tomb Raider fan that needs to busy himself while waiting for the release of Shadow, I built Croft Manor of the Rise DLC, Blood Ties. Due to certain ratios, Lara would be 3 blocks high, a measurement inconsistent with the 2 block high playable character. Nostalgic and time consuming.

Minecraft Manor 1.0

The Core Tomb Raider games translate well over to Minecraft. So the next step was obviously to build Croft Manor. As with all Minecraft projects, it took a lot of time. But I’m quite pleased with the finished product.

Sims Manor

The fun thing about recreating a virtual space is learning how the space interacts. What rooms are adjacent? How big of a room could this door lead to? Unfortunately there’s a limited amount of space even on the largest of Sims “yards.” Nothing a little creative scrunching can’t fix!

Underworld Board Game Translation

In 2009, the Tomb Raider Underworld board game saw a limited release in France. Why does France love Tomb Raider so much more than anyone else? Who knows. But they did get this exclusive board game.

There already exists a translation of the directions into english somewhere online, but I figured they could use some zhushing/jooshing up. And I zhushed/jooshed the hell out of ‘em.

Download the PDF here.

Various Drawings

Tomb Raider II: Home Sweet Home Comic

Throughout it’s various reincarnations, I’ve been a fan of Tomb Raider. Like the series, my appreciation grows in waves. Late 2009, after playing Underworld, I fueled my excitement by creating a comic for the final bonus level in the 1997 Tomb Raider II. All characters, designs, environments, props, everything was drawn to resemble the game as closely as possible. That being said, credit goes to the staff of Core in Derby, original creators of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Level Boosting

In order to unlock the General character in Tomb Raider Multiplayer, one has to reach level 80 at least twice. As an obsessive, that trophy had to be mine. The task would’ve taken years of fighting online players, most of which are much better than me. But due to a loophole, I could easily (and relatively quickly) reach that goal. I’d run back and forth, fetching and dropping off “medical supplies”, and shooting destructible barriers along the way. The process took at least 30 hours. I watched the entirety of Star Trek Voyager. I knew the course inside and out, easily running the routes blindfolded. Upon finishing, there was a fleeting joy to obtaining the trophy, but a much longer slow burn, knowing I had 100% completed the task. Am I proud of this accomplishment? Kind of. Would I tell anyone? No. That’s what the Important Documents are for, after all; a collection of obsessive tendencies. Also, there’s nothing quite like a statistically accurate graph to nail in the leveling up system.