18th Century Longboat

For my comic The Siren’s Song, I wanted to build a replica of their ship; the Artemis. However you can’t just dive right into model ship building. You need a practice run before you start the big one! That’s what this is. I think it turned out quite nice.

UniKitty in Space!!!

This cute lil mech was built using only the pieces of Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship! The goal was to use every piece. I got close, but those big ol wing pieces really don’t fit into a model that’s already found it’s shape. Regarless, I really enjoy how the “standard” ballistic arm differs from the “experimental” lasers arm.

A Collection of Comic Collections

Yes, I would consider myself a comic connoisseur! When it comes to panel layout, pacing, illustration quality, etc, this is my game. As a storyboard artist, my work revolves around telling a story visually, as does the work on my own comic, the Siren’s Song. (Go on, check it out: www.TheSirensSongComic.com ) Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve collected over the years.

Couple of my Favorite Books

As I was doing a photoshoot with a bunch of books, I figured I may as well take out some inspirational comics from my collection. These are the books I go to when I want to think outside the box. The one that I forgot to add: Calvin and Hobbes.

Gundam Wing

I used to make a lot of these back in the day. Wonder what happened to them…

McFarlane Toys

One of my teenage pursuits was to collect every McFarlane Toys action figure every made. An outrageously expensive and unmanageable task, I didn’t get very far. I did however collect every figure in the Shrek lineup. These few are all that remain of a collection that boasted around 100 figures. Even then, I think I got rid of these too.

But why McFarlane? I guess they were just slightly more detailed than the other action figures at the time. At least a thousand dollars later, I wish I spent my time and money on anything else.